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Apache Solr on WebLogic

Apache Solr on WebLogic 11g

There are many open source frameworks developed and still developing for this Internet World to work. One of the key starter is search engine. Solr is one of them  it is an Open Source from Apache Foundation projects. 

To run the Apache Solr search engine on WebLogic 11g,  we must have a Servlet engine such as Tomcat if you look for cheaper infrastructure. Looking at high traffic application where you need most stable and reliable then go for WebLogic with all high availability features.


Everything for tomcat remains the same for weblogic except in 2 areas

1. Encoding on header.jsp needs to be removed

2. Weblogic.xml needs to be added


Apache Solr on

WebLogic setup for Solr


To RUN the Solr



Generic SOLR environment for WebLogic

We have startWebLogic.sh calls setDomainEnv.sh internally calls generic setSOLRenv.sh script.


There are many ways to run the "Search" queries. The Solr search works when you enter query in the browser's address bar. The query starts with a letter 'q' that indicates search query. Solr is simple web based application that is similar to any war deployment on application servers like Weblogic. 

The following slides are going to give clear idea with multiple search examples

How Solr works?

How does text based Indexing takes places?

There are many ways to do the fail proof search engines. 


Configuring SOLR on Tomcat 7 

Rajiv Venkataraman