Middleware Administration completely based on the Operating environment, the more you know about operating environment the more you can play kind of work it happens with the UNIX commands. The way of UNIX commands in conjunction with other utilities such AWK, SED and PERL  makes huge difference. The productivity impacts in hours who spend less those are optimized administrator, who always make his/her life easy with simplified automation scripts/commands.

We have published under this page as various sub pages most useful commands and their usage sorted in such a way that it will make you more smarter Admin. So visit each link below read carefully update your comments and suggestions.

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My experience with UNIX commands and their daily usage made me life easy so, I had made few pages and sharing them in this site. Some of the commands are shared by other Admin friends also. Because WebLogic Admins who work mostly on UNIX environments and deals with different shell environments. If you know where you are playing you can plan how to make your work/performance better. Knowing about Shell make you more dynamic and extraordinary performer in the team. Few of the commands which I started illustrated in this site are:

UNIX Tips - 1
UNIX Tips - 2
UNIX Tips - 3

Most of the Oracle Solaris, Redhat Linux commands are listed out in these above linked pages. Most useful shell scripts for a WebLgoic system administrator are discussed on the following blog links.

WebLogic Admin Tricks & tips

  1. Bounce WebLogic instance
  2. Script for System Information & Capacity Plan
  3. Listing WebLogic instance and its PID
  4. Best WebLogic .profile
  5. GUI for remote UNIX : X11 Forwarding in SSH
  6. Configuring Plain NodeManager
  7. Best practices for WebLogic
  8. Increase Productivity with alias
  9. Script for WebLogic Port mapping to PID
  10. Script for Capture HeapDump
  11. Clearing WebLogic Cache
  12. Script for Code move to Remote machines
  13. Script for monitoring CPU load
  14. Trick for restrict access in Apache
  15. Using jps command new era
  16. Understanding JVM parameters
  17. Auto-deploy in WebLogic 11g
  18. Know about your GC operations
  19. WebLogic Cluster status
  20. Editing WebLogic config.xml
  21. Code Backup Trick
I know my way of automation thoughts but you can also share your thought. I wish you could make changes in this collaborative world.
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