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JMS issues

Java Messaging service can be used on WebLogic for different data/object transporting between applications. message driven bean MDB is going to be a producer of message or consumer of messages. There could be Local JMS Queues or Topics or there could be Foreign JMS Queues such as IBM MQ or Active MQ. Some of the messages could be connected with bridges. 

The destination consumer is receiving the wrong message, when it is rejected that data is thrown into the WebLogic standard output log file, The number of retries from the source is going to infinite loop and the standard output file growing to huge size that leads to slowness of System.


We can control the log file with 
* WLST script but it works for server logs
* Simple UNIX level log file archiving and resizing to 0.

WebLogic don't have any control on standard out log file generation. Operating system can limit your log file size. That you can configure as per your requirement, by default it is going to store till 800MB file on Linux