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Migration issues

Migration/upgrade WebLogic can happen to any application environment which demands HA, more performance for their application. It could be WebLogic pre 10.x to another version WebLogic 10.3.3 (11g) it is known as upgrading WebLogic domain. Some times the migration process could be taken place, Solaris machine to zones. The basic changes are required in the migration process are listed as following:

WLST in Domain migration

To  creating a domain template you  can use script, in Windows environment you can use Domain Template builder, final option is our WLST.  To open a domain template for domain creation  you have to use readTemplate('absolutepath/wls.jar'). To make changes to newly configured domain or extending an existing domain, you can use readDomain('/absolutepath/newdomain'), you can do the changes as required and give the updateDomain() and followed by closeDomain() WLST commands.

Setting Common Environment

On a single machine there can be many domains could be configured. For all the domains you can use common installation. When the WebLogic 11g domain migration happening, by default VM argument contains -client JVM, As recommended, if you need to change it to -server JVM this you can do the change it in

There is a need of change for the  Shell Scripts those are located in the DOMAIN_HOME/bin.

Set Domain Environment

MEM_ARGS can be change as per your environment requirement.
Any changes required for CLASSPATH, properties need in the start-up path can be defined after script call. If they are more then use a separate shell script to define them. remember to define more generic variables while defining the variable. don't give the absolute paths.

Start Scripts

There could be application specific dependent jars must be in the CLASSPATH, some applications demands that library files must be loaded before weblogic.jar then you need to use the PRE_CLASSPATH need to updated

update in
In multiple Server in multi-clustered  environments established on multiple machines, You can assign the values for the WLS_USER, WLS_PW so that Managed servers can start smoothly. If you don't updated the admin server details using WLST then you need to update them manually in ADMIN_URL positional parameter.

Admin Console changes

 The JTA timeout There could be chance of insufficient transaction timeout, by default it is defined as 30sec. As per your application need change it.

Global transaction enable. why we need to change this? what is this Global transaction means?

The whole lot of changes can be taken place in the configuration repository that is config.xml. You might change cluster, multicast ip address, port. Application deployment cannot be stored in the config.xml. So once you finished migration with domain template you need to update the application path where your archive files resides. 

Configuration repository changes

A WebLogic cluster can be shared among different domains? no it should not. we need to ensure there could not be any conflicts between domain cofigurations while replicating the config repository.

In DR environments the middleware admin needs to ensure that application code and its dependent properties must be synchronized with actual production environment.

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Application deployment path issue