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How to become Middleware Admin?

This page dedicated to novice Middleware Administrators enthusiastic, aspiring stars, who want to know in a clear idea about the WebLogic Administration and who can do this are the roles and responsibilities. How to get job in this rare skill area? How to become a strong administrator with powerful weapons on hand such as machine gun like automation scripts, sward like UNIX commands for your daily wars (I mean worksJ). For more details, you can find all these following questions, related links and suggestions from various others who are in the Middleware Admin role will helpful.

Where to start Middleware System Administration?

This is the most common novice people question. You can follow the sequence of reading or prepare for the syllabus given in the Oracle/IBM site for the certification for System Administrator.

Oracle announced latest WebLogic exam code are: Oracle 1Z1-102 for WebLogic 11g

And 1z1-108 for certification for WebLogic 10g.


IBM certificates for System Administration are IBM TEST 000-377 

Carefully choose for the latest certification, The same site will shows you the retirement of certifications also.

Your resume is the gateway for opportunity, the recruiterfirst look for the matching profile there you can  impress towards your skills set. Most of the technical recruiters wisely logged in to many Job portals and they use simple scan/search for their requirement. So you need to be clear about your skill set which are all desired for the WebLogic or WebSphere Administration. Your resume or profile must match all the keywords those are matches for Middleware Administration.

Instructions for Middleware Admin Resume

Your Job Hunting Guide to Success comes this article helping you create a winning WebLogic Administration Resume.


An objective in the CV have a purpose to help your recruiter by indicating what type of role you're seeking. But I should point out that having an objective isn't required if you are not willing to change role! 
I generally suggest not having an objective on your resume. Why? Because there may be jobs you aren't aware of that are perfectly matches to you. Perhaps they haven't advertised it yet, or had it listed in another section or paper.
In my pointview is that when you are hunting a WebLogic Admin job, I feel it's best to do everything possible to have recruiter should do a call to you. If it's a position is very high to you that is like some companies look for All-in-One kind of persons. The WLA must do Unix Administration, he should configure the BIG IP's F5 everything need for developer. If it is tough for you then you can politely decline. But at least recruiters approached you!!!
TIP: If you use an objective, it must be specific!

Clear about WL concepts

The first thing you should understand is that WebLogic Administration is a field where lot of Operating Environment (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, RedHat Linux etc) related and all other connecting components. you need to align these keywords properly that do matter! In other words, it's a very critical role for entire enterprise architecture structure relates to this profession middleware administration it is going to interact with in many different technologies (.Net, WebServices, OSB, Oracle Databases, SQL etc).
Being WebLogic Admin you need to consider about IT Assets Management(ITAM), which is a critical task that includes such as capacity planning it can be performed by the WebLogic Engineer, it is a very specific for every environment to take a launch. That means data flow would always come before Oracle WebLogic middleware and passes through the applicaitons deployed on that container.
The security is most important required element for WebLogic Administration. It is also very important that WebLogic Adminis is going to configure vareity of users as per the project demands. There is scope for LDAP, SAML and Oracle provided authenticate suites can be used.
Some of the migration projects need the knowledge on portability among the previous versions to new versions. And there is also scope for the migration for JBoss to WebLogic, Websphere to WebLogic, Tcat Server to WebLogic. mention your experiance on such migrations so that the recruiter feel happy and comfortable.

Your WebLogic Admin CV do's

Here are some general guidelines you should follow when creating your resume. You want to:
a) Be truthful! WebLogic Administration is a field where reliability, accuracy and trust are important.  So appearing extremely trustworthy and responsibilities is super important! Your resume must convey these if you want to get hired.
b) Use same font family that convey professionalism and are easy to read. This is what they'd expect when you prepare resume. Suggested standard font famlies like: Helvetica, Arial, and Times or Times New Roman
c) Show your certification logos on the right-side top in the header align it properly. Example: Sun Solaris, Oracle WebLogic 10g System Expert certificate
d) Only list relevant experience, training, and certifications! That's really important with WebLogic Administration-related jobs because WebLogic Administration is a profession where relevance to the topics does matters. So your CV must convey this.

 WebLogic Interview Questions series

Here few sets of interview questions which are collected from various candidates who are attended for WebLogic Administration role at different companies.

Good References Widgets

I suggest that go through the videos by Sherry Thomas, who is reknown career couch.