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Middleware Architect interview questions

Usually an architect means who supports the manager for making right decisions with his technical knowledge. It is the role where you need to give solutions for boling issues. High priority issues with notime answers with technical experiance.

1. What is the non-profitable organization that gives benchmarking for each standardizations?
2. Your client may wish to have a new application you have choices for JBOSS, WEBLOGIC, WEBSPHERE or Tomcat. Which one you suggest and why?
3. If you have final choices as Websphere and WebLogic. which one you choose and why?
4. Do you need to buy the license for web server?
5. How would license costs?

1. What is the dead message queue?
2. What kind of issues in messaging you get?

1. Why do you need connection pool when you have datasource?
2. Why do you need Threadpool? How it works?
3. What is the protocol that will work when you use XA transaction enabled for JDBC connections. 

Operating System
1. In the operating system, what do you mean segmentation fault? Why we get this?
2. How do you generate coredump manually?
3. On the operating system level what are the logs you will look when there is issue?

Guys, The senior level Middleware expert must know these kind of stuff, especially where customer need your help to make right decision for the application infrastructure

What is segfault?
The segmentation faults (segfault) or Memory access voilations is particular error conditions that can be occur during the operation on application/program.
A segfault occurs when a program attempts to access to a memory location that is  not allowed to access or attempts access a memory location in a way that is not allowed
  1. Writing to a read-only locations
  2. Trying to overwrite the memory location where operating system files are protected
  3. Access to invalid memory locations that is memory address to NULL or -1

Now searching style changed, earlier searching on the google for text, now searching for the concepts on makes much clarity. Youtube links gives without doing the command executaions! So guys, enjoy by following "GDB debugging for core dump analysis for beginners" from Zariga Tongy.

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