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Oracle announced WebLogic 11g System Expert Certificate Widgets

1z1-102 Exam Objective matching Videos

This page dedicated for those who are about write the  WebLogic Certification 10g or 11g. As 10g came long back you can find the brain dumps online.

Only the thing you need to avoid in 1z1-102 exam is WLDF part exempted. In the WebLogic 11g certification more about Administration console, Configuration of JMS, JDBC usage for console for monitoring, trouble shooting topics are given more importance.

Spend on 3 days to make this following sorted list of YouTube videos,  which could be more helpful and videos are met the need of the Certification objectives.
  1. WebLogic 11g new features
  2. Installing Oracle WebLogic Server 11g
  3. Configuring a Simple Domain
  4. Configuring Managed Servers
  5. WLST Recording & Editing
  6. WebLogic WLST Scripting Application
  7. Work Manager
  8. Configuring Node Managers
  9. Create WLDF DiagImage with a Threshold
  10. WLDF Request Performance View 11g feature
  11. WLDF: Server logs Watch & Notification thru SMTP
  12. Deployment Concepts with weblogic.Deployer
  13. WebLogic Server Side-by-Side deployment by Erik
  14. Creating a JDBC DataSource
  15. JMS Overview
  16. JMS Store and Forward
  17. JMS Unit of Work
  18. JMS Unit of Order
  19. JMS Migration HA
  20. Cluster HTTP Session Replication
  21. Security User & Group configuration

There are Good basic configuration videos are published by Sri Krishna Murthy.Erik, Node Manager is demonstrated by Chris .
Many Thanks to Jeff West for his wonderful JMS video demos. James Bayer for WLDF, WLST on Web tool

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