It is IBM software products are special for their uniqueness. WebSphere is JEE Application Server.
IBM WebSphere runs on its own JDK. So IBM JVM has its own segragation to the JVM Heap classification. For OOM errors you need to work with Heapdumps, but it can be created with different way than Sun HotSpopt JVM.

WebLogic vs  WebSphere

Application Servers comparison: an administrative perspective

Oracle WebLogic

IBM Websphere

Installation packages are in Basic, Enterprise, Suite. The Generic jar version is platform independent. Zip distribution is light weight available for developers.

Installation binaries are different packages available as Base, Express, Network Deployment, Enterprise

Domain is the logical collection of entire WebLogic  resources and services

Cell is a logical representation of complete set of resources and services

NodeManager controls registered domains and their managed servers on the Nodes. Node manager enrolls the domain with nmEnroll

NodeAgent controls managed nodes. The addNode to a Deployment Manager is done with federation

Whole Security defined under Realm

Security defined under a Domain

Administrative console is controlled by AdminServer

The centralized Administrative console is controlled by Deployment Manager, which interun connected with NodeAgents for Administer the application server  and others

Managed Server, Stand-alone Server

Application Server, Message Engine

To start Admin Server startWebLogic.sh

To start DMGR startManager.sh

To start Managed Server startManagedWebLogic.sh

To start a application server startServer.sh



To configure a domain config.sh that uses domain templates

To make a profile manageprofile.sh uses profile templates

My Oracle Support



Configure Time, Runtime logging is allowed


WebSphere Deployment

IBM WebSphere applications deployment is different compare to WebLogic, the JEE components in an archived form can be backup from the console in the WebSphere. You need to connect to console, go to the applications WebSphere applications what you wish to backup. select it and select the button "Export". This can be useful when the code deployment fails then we need to rollback the deployment. Such situation you requre the old code.
What makes WebSphere different from other Application Servers

Runtime debugging

While the application servers are in running state you can specify the logging parameters and it can take effect immediately.When this debugging log overloaded server automatically goes to info level logging for the application server.
Being in the WebLogic Application serverver side it makes more favorite console, compare to IBM WebSphere console. WebLogic more advanced options will be visible at the bottom of the right pane, where as WebSphere you can see in the right most part of the right pane.

How do you change wsadmin lang preference?

In WebSphere environment configurations can be view, edit, changes to the configuration for this we may use wsadmin. To change wsadmin.sh or wsadmin.bat to use Jython by default language, you can edit the wsadmin.propertiesfile located in <was_install_root>/properties directory

If you are in UNIX environment vi wsadmin.properties file and search with '/defaultLang'. The actual line will be like this:
Now change it to
I wonder that 'How IBM WebSphere set this JACL as default, when JACL has been declared as deprecated scripting language for WebSphere.
How do you verify the request hitting the one of the cluster member?
To checking this you need to use little trick, hostname of the application server with port and followed by the application context path it must give the accessing info.


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