What we have for WebLogic Admin?

This Middleware admin site is going to update and address various day to day activities that a WebLogic Administrator performs. 

This website have many articles, those are contributed by many Oracle WebLogic experts and specialists. Separate pages for installation, configuration of WebLogic Domains on Unix environments, A separate section is dedicated for  using UNIX commands for midleware administration.

Many WebLogic Server related issues discussed in the challenges section. These trouble shooting challenges give you boost your capabilities to perform faster when issues encountered in your environments.

Evolving Middleware technologies

Oracle designed many different components into the middleware technologies which are required for building an enterprise bundled into a suite and that changed the requirement of Middleware administrators.  New Middleware Admin role expectations increased, individual will interface with teams across different IT infrastructure stakeholders.

Installation and Configuration

We have pages published  on Installation of WebLogic  latest versions 12c. Most production environments are in remote locations and middleware expert need to

WebLogic 9 to 12c we have experimented check the latest version in Console Mode link.

Domain Creation

In Oracle Fussion Middleware  administration you must know about WebLogic domain creation. Enterprise architectures requires high availability with Cluster Creation by using the WLST. You may wondered by Creating a domain by using weblogic.Server class from the weblogic package.

on most of FMW environments you might need the same domain structure on different machines that can be enabled with Creating Domain by pack and unpack commands.

Here I am with referring to few of friends asking about how to become WLA?

Just goto the following sections and have a clear idea about the WebLogic Administration and who can do this what are the responsibilities. How to get job in this rare skill area? for all these questions you will find links and suggestions from various others who are in the WLA role.

Where can I get upgrade domain information for Bea WebLogic8.1 to WebLogic 9.x?

You can get step-by-step approach @ Upgrading a WebLogic Domain.

How can I get GC monitoring statistics for my WebLogic instance?

For WebLogic 9.x onwards supports JDK1.5.x which had every useful command like jstat. The jstat command is used to get the virtual Machine statistics and monitor tool. you need to give the process id of the WebLogic instance and choose the one of the option is gc.

eg: > jstat -gc <PID>

Ref: jstat command options

Can I get WebLogic CD/DVD to home/office?

Yes, Select the Mail a Free CD option if you would like a physical shipment of the CD mailed to you. Click on the Free WebLogic CDs link given in this page

Better approach for Latest WebLogic Administration Certification Exam objectives/syllubus and go through the links given in the right side of this page and for more comfortability go though the tutorials on the bea.com site which are also known as Viewlets

People who are from UNIX/Linux background are very much appreciated to learn Bea WebLogic Administration. Most of the Huge e-Business running companies already on this platform. If you have good ability to create & run shell script it would be added advantage.