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WebLogic 11g vs 9.x

After installing the Weblogic 11g (10.3.3) we can found drastic differences or I could say improvements happen compare to WebLogic 9.x version.
The directory structure is enhanced in the domain bin earlier version it is simple start, stop WebLogic server and Managed server were there. now in WebLogic 10.3.3 DOMAIN_HOME/bin is having extra directories
1. nodemanager
2. server_migration
3. service_migration
While domain configuration I observed, there is option for Cluster messaging options are
1. Multicast
2. Unicast
3. Unspecify
Here the default messaging method is Unicast.

JMS partitioned destinations are introduced in WebLogic.10.3.4.
GridLink Datasources can be suggested for Enterprise level applications to connect RAC Database, GLDS controlled with notification of traps in nodes.You can also configure this GridLink DataSource with WLST and also with Admin console.