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WebLogic Interview

How can I prepare for the WebLogic Interview?
This is the question for the every starter had in the mind. Here I am going to give you little background about the WebLogic interviews 'how-to'.
The entry point is your Resume, that is mostly infulences the interviewer. Make sure that your resume must have all the keywords which are eye-catching and you must havre strong idea about them. Every WebLogic Administration concept if you go through practical knowledge you could speak much more stronger and confidently.
The interviewers are expecting you mustly basic knowledge on Weblogic administration. Which includes Development, Production release deployments, you must have good ideas about UNIX operating environment along with various SHELL scripting and regular expression tricks.
Finally you must aware of network communication, webserver proxy plug-in related, Database commands to handle the relavent Exceptions. If you follow these hints you sure to get into the WebLogic Support Engineers team.
What are the Positions you expect?
Now a days the postion is suspected as follows:
1. WebLogic System Administrator
2. WebLogic System Expert
3. WebLogic Support Engineer
4. WebLogic Specialist
5. WebLogic Architect
6. WebLogic Administrator
7. Oracle Fussion Middlware Specialist
8. Middlware Administrator
Where do I get job postings?
This Question depends on your locaiton basically. But my hint is join all "WebLogic" related groups in Linkedin.com it is quick link to job postings. The other job portals are 'monster.com', 'indeed.com', 'naukri.com' are good. Who are in USA looking only for US postings look at dice.com, jobs.yahoo.com,