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weblogic Interview questions -5 Verizon

Hi All, This is my first experience of attending the WebLogic System Administrator Interview. Here I am going to share with you, it was held at Verizon. 

1. Explain your work at Current Organization ?

I had responded to this keeping in a brief description of Middleware Administration activities... This is common and general question by the interviewer, explained the work that I have been performing at current project. Like WebLogic Installation, Domain creation, Deployment, Clustering, Trouble shooting activities etc. 

I said that I am good at Shell Scripting.

2. What is the first line in Shell Scripting ?

Ans: Shebang (#! /bin/sh) It is an interpreter directive to the program loader.

3. Give some examples of Unix commands like top, netstat etc.,

These commands are discussed in previous interview questions already so here I am leaving it for navigate :)

4. What is the major configuration file in WebLogic ?

Ans: The WebLogic whole configuration stored into a repository file Config.xml in config folder present in the domain directory.

5. What is error 404 and error 500 ?

Ans: These are the common issues encounter when web application have trouble. The error code 404 - Page not found this says there is no page on the server when browser client requesting, this can happen when application is not deployed properly or not in active state.

         500- Internal server error This error occurs when there is a communication issue between server's intermediate services 

6. How many Administration servers and managed servers should be there?

Ans: In a WebLogic domain there must be a single Admin server and there can be as many as managed servers as per the need and capacity limitations of the environment. 

7. Difference between weblogic 9.2 and 11g ?

Ans: The major differences are

* JDK Version support WebLogic 9.2 supports JDK 1.5, whereas WebLogic 11g supports JDK 1.6

* More control provided in the Change Center of the Weblogic 11g console

* SAF feature is added in the JMS server for WebLogic 11g

* More focus given for hot deployment and deployment strategies : production pre-deployment strategy, Production re-deployment strategy with weblogic.Deployer utility and also available in WLST.

What do you mean by hot deployment, clustering, Unix processes and commands were also asked.

Thank you,