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WebLogic License Updating

Here we go to update the BEA License file ...

What if not updated?

1. we cannot have more instances on the same domain it is limiting to 5 instances only. 

2. If you had the 5th instance including your admin turned ON you cannot access even the console.

What is the resolution?

Update your Oracle/BEA Licence as per the given steps.

Stop all server instances before you update License
Update this license file on every machine.

Remove "servers" folder, it will be regenarated when fresh License installed for the domain.

1. Click the license link:http://licensecodes.oracle.com/bea.html this linke might change.

choose here "BEA WebLogic Server Products" As per your operating environment you can choose the update.zip file.

2. Download you application suitable license zip file I have choosen ver as "9.2 - 9.2mp3" -- LIC-WLSP92

3. Take a backup of the old license file

cp license.bea license.bea_bkp

4. Place the downloaded new license file (license.bea_new) in the BEA_HOME 

4. Run the following command.

$ ./UpdateLicense.sh license.bea_new

Here it will apply the new lincense modifications on to the license.bea file directly.

If this command failed revert back to the old backup.

Now your license is ready to use more than 5 users ( ready for Clustered environment).

Start the servers and check for availability of new license. 

This is page is posted for the issue referring with the following : 

<Jul 27, 2010 11:33:41 AM EDT> <Critical> <WebLogicServer> <BEA-000362> <Server failed. Reason:
Unable to start WebLogic Server!
Exception occurred while reading the license file.
Please make sure you have a valid license.bea