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Weblogic Navigator(WLNav)

WebLogic Navigator (WLNav) is a Web Application that you deploy on Weblogic server to monitor and configure your domain.

It is built on top of WLST (WebLogic Server Scripting Tool). WLST for WLS 7.x/8.x is available at dev2dev. In WLS 9 and onwards, WLST is part of the product, for more info, go to e-docs.

Why should I use it?

WLNav provides the following benefits:
  • Gives you a view of all MBeans you can view via WLST. User can change server configuration or view runtime information. It also provides manual information about MBean and it's attributes.
  • Deploy on admin server to configure and monitor the whole domain. User can also connect to managed server directly. Optionally, user can deploy on managed server directly. Thus, you can monitor domain even when admin server is down
  • Let's you view JNDI tree
  • Uses WLDF (available in WLNav 0.5 and above) to provide monitoring of domain. Use single chart or summary charts to view data.
  • Let's user view all server logs and archives.
  • Allows you to create WLST scripts while you browse the MBeans. It history section captures all WLST commands use by WLNav. Also, user can see commands used to display a single page
  • Allows you to invoke all commands that are available in WLST. It also uses provides dynamic forms to invoke these commands.
  • Can be used as an aid to learn WLST, as it displays WLST commands used to display data.
  • Every location in application can be bookmarked. Thus, you can quickly construct shortcuts to areas you configure and monitor the most. This becomes very useful with all nice FireFox extension for working with bookmarks.

Steps To Setup the wlnav:

  1. Download the version 0.61 of wlnav.war file from(http://wlnav.open.collab.net/) (Note: In some browser it's downloaded as zip file. Please rename it to wlnav.war)
  2. Upload and Deploy wlnav.war file thru the console on admin or manager server and then access http://host:port/wlnav.
  3. then Enter user id and password used to access domain.