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Oracle provides patches for the WebLogic you can use bsu (BEA Smart Update tool) on any environment provided you need to have GUI. Patches can be classified into regular
Security advisory Patches(SP) Oracle support provides this you need to subscribe to the alert mail.
Maintanance pack patches (MP) It is regular maintanance provided for those are Oracle customers.
Customer Request Patches.(CR) It is also known as private patches, in some special situations as per the Oracle customer can request for this.
To download any patch you must have support contract.
Patch are nothing Java jars that must be assign to PATCH_CLASSPATH path. More convinence Oracle given us PRE_PATCH_CLASSPATH, POST_PATCH_CLASSPATH also. In some cases you might need the Patch before weblogic.jar some times after that, accordlingly you need to choose which option is best suites to you.
It can be accessible from ML_HOME/utils/bsu folder such as /home/Oracle/Middleware/utils/bsu.
Step 1. Traverse to MW_HOME/utils/bsu
Step 2.  ./bsu.sh -report -bea_home=$MW_HOME -output_file=<path and file name>    
./bsu.sh -report -bea_home=$WL_HOME -output_file=/home/Pa1wla/PatchReport01.txt
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